Customs services

We provide consulting services to all exporters and importers, including legal advice on the procedure for import, export and re-export at customs.

FREE ZONE warehouse services

We will help you with the assignment of goods brought from abroad to the Czech Republic: goods stored in the free zone at customs warehouses in Prague are not subject to customs duty and trade policy measures (VAT, excises).

In the free zone, goods can be placed in the warehouse for an indefinite period of time, regardless of the quantity, country of origin or destination. When placing goods in the free zone, they are subject to free trade and re-export. The owner of the goods can be changed (including changes in payment documents). Czech goods do not lose the status of Czech goods, regardless of the change of ownership.

We will help you to obtain the consent of the customs authority for the performance of industrial (manufacturing) or trading activities in the free zone and with the provision of services, division, repacking and combining the goods based on the client's needs. We also assist in obtaining licenses and certificates of origin in case of processing goods in customs warehouses. The above activities are not carried out on the de jure customs territory of the Czech Republic and are not subject to any duties or taxes.

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