Cryptocurrency is a type of electronic money or virtual payment system with its own monetary units, the use of the cryptocurrency is one of the most important investments today. However, according to the General Finance Directorate, it is not a currency, but an intangible asset. Cryptocurrency user account data and bitcoin swap operations are typically encrypted by using distributed blockchain database technology. Today, cryptocurrencies are in a phase of dynamic development and experts believe that they are the money of the future.

Many entrepreneurs make mistakes when investing in or selling cryptocurrencies, which can subsequently lead not only to financial losses, but also to liability for damages or even to the initiation of criminal proceedings. This may occur due to the ambiguous attitude towards digital assets by government officials in various countries around the world.

Our lawyers will help you to avoid these problems in time and advise you on how to act in proceedings already initiated with tax or other public authorities not only in the Czech Republic.

At the law firm Zaripov & Partners, we can provide you with consulting services related to acquisitions, the use of cryptocurrencies, mining of digital assets or the realisation of ICO (Initial coin offer).

The office specialists will help you especially with the following situations:

  • setting up a new company, registration of a natural person as an entrepreneur, all in the field of cryptocurrency and in any jurisdiction of the world
  • use of tokens, securities and cryptocurrency mining
  • legal advice in the field of investments and business activities
  • documentation keeping for accounting purposes and supervision by public authorities
  • dispute resolution arising from the cryptocurrency trade
  • execution of transactions for the purpose of buying and selling of the cryptocurrency
  • tax consultation services
  • exchange cryptocurrency into Czech crowns/euro/dollars
  • exchange currency Czech crowns/euro/dollars into cryptocurrency

The specialists of the law firm Zaripov & Partners have extensive experience in the field of cryptocurrencies. They follow current trends in the cryptocurrency industry, all changes in legislation and case law. With the services of our specialists, your company will be able to work with any type of digital assets under reliable legal protection.

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