Forex broker license

For a trader wanting access to the Forex currency exchange, the key criterion when choosing a broker is the possession of a Forex broker license.

How to get a Forex broker license in the Czech Republic?

Obtaining a Forex license in the Czech Republic is a great solution if you are looking to work with clients from the European Union, Switzerland and the European Economic Area, which includes Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. The legislation of the European Union, in particular the EU Directive On Markets in Financial Instruments (MIFID), more precisely, its updated version - MIFID II, which regulates the work of Forex brokers, permits licensed brokers to offer their services in other European countries, while having a license in one European state. It is only necessary to notify the regulator of the country you are interested in about your desire to develop your activities in its territory; after the notification is confirmed, you can start working.

In any country the procedure for obtaining a Forex license is quite complicated, and you cannot do it without professional help.

Zaripov & Partner‘s specialists will help you to draw up an application for a Forex license and submit it to the Czech National Bank, along with all the necessary documents drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the legislative acts of the Czech Republic and the European Union, as well as oversee the entire process going forward. In addition, thanks to a wide network of foreign partners, you can contact us for advice on obtaining a permit for the activity of forex dealers not only operating in European countries. Contact us - we will help you to solve any issue related to obtaining a Forex license, and we will find the best solution for you.

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