Citizenship in the Czech Republic

Obtaining Czech citizenship is a slow and challenging process. Many mistakes can occur when applying independently, leading to inevitable failure after more than a year of waiting. Moreover, in the best case, a new application can only be submitted in another two years, resulting in three lost years of life.

Our professionals at the Zaripov & Partners law firm will help you avoid mistakes and correctly gather all the necessary documents.

Our statistics tell the story:

Hundreds of satisfied clients

99.6% approved citizenship applications

More than 30 years saved

More than €100,000 saved

To significantly increase your chances of obtaining citizenship, familiarize yourself with the mandatory conditions.

Mandatory conditions for obtaining Czech citizenship

Permanent residence in the Czech Republic

10 years of residence in the Czech Republic

Knowledge of the Czech language

Police clearance certificate from your home country

Do you meet all the conditions? Then let's get started. To begin, please select the appropriate tariff.

Preparation of necessary documents
CV writing (+800 €)
Police clearance certificate from your home country (+300 €)
Preparation for the exam on Czech language and realities (+1 000 €)
Thank-you letter from a charity organization (+300 €)
Online consultations with a curator (+600 €)
7 000 € 10 000 €

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Filling out the form does not obligate you to anything. After submitting the form, our manager will contact you to clarify the details. Payment will be made only after the conclusion of the contract.

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