Certificate of good conduct

There are many situations where a Czech public authority (or even a private person, for example, an employer when hiring) may, on a mandatory or optional basis, require a police clearance certificate (výpis z rejstříku trestů). This must be provided by the competent authority of the country of which you are a citizen. The territory where you reside (or lived before moving to the Czech Republic), as well as a Czech police clearance certificate, regardless of whether you have ever stayed in this country.

The following examples are common:

  • applying for a residence permit in the Czech Republic (visa)
  • opening a company or appointing new directors requires a certificate confirming that the director has no criminal record
  • obtaining several types of permits and licenses for business activities
  • employment in certain positions in the financial sector
  • employment to a position forwith special responsibility for the safety of the employer's assets, etc.

Our law firm will undertake:

  • services to obtain a police clearance certificate in the Czech Republic or police clearance certificate issued by the authorities of other states
  • assistance in translating the certificate into Czech or any other language and, if necessary, with an apostille or notarization.

To issue a police clearance certificate, you will need the following documents:

  • power of attorney with your certified signature (or notarized power of attorney, if the request for a certificate is made through the embassy)
  • copies of identity documents (foreign and / or internal passport)
  • copies of your permit to stay in the Czech Republic (if any).

The rest of the requirements related to obtaining a police clearance certificate will be quickly and efficiently overseen by lawyers and attorneys at Zaripov & Partners.

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